#ootd Aug 29-Sept 8

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Starting out this week in style . . because lets me real I'll be in sweats tomorrow.  But, that is what's so great with these Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, you can have the style and comfort at the same time!  There are so many ways to style these leggings, but my favorite thing about them is not just that they keep my Mom Bod in check, but they are so comfortable even if I dress them up I'm not sacrificing my love for comfort.  Bonus, right now Zappos has some colors on sale!  That's also where my Free People top is from as well and also on sale.  This top is a Fall staple for me to layer or just wear. It's stretchy, warm and long enough to cover my bum, so I can wear leggings out and about.

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I'm beyond excited to wear these booties again, yay for wide widths!  For years I could never hop of the Fall bandwagon.  While women around me adorned their blanket scarves and drank their Pumpkin Spice Lattes while sporting cute boots I hid in my sport clothes and could never find a shoe that looked as cute as a boot with fall clothes.  No more, even thought I'm not a PSL lover I am so excited to have found these booties, they really have opened up my wardrobe and are the cherry on top of most of my Fall outfits.  These jeggings pretty much go with everything and are on sale and stocked in all regular sizes right now.

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I'm trying to hold on to this look as long as I can.  I saw a meme the other day that said Oregon really has 12 seasons, so right now we are in "false fall" which means we still have "second summer" to look forward to, then "actual fall."  This dress is sadly out of stock, but I included a link to a similar one.  And the sandals become apart of me during the summer, early fall and late spring.  Or I could be like everyone else in PNW and wear them with socks, ha ha.

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I bought these leggings last year and posted about them in my post "Camouflaging Bertha."  I'm so happy Target brought them back this year and with so many different colors.  Also I love that they offer them in plus sizes.  Below I've added all of the links.  The rest of my outfit links are above under my picture.

Black/Grey Camo: https://shopstyle.it/l/7NAq
Plus Grey Camo: https://shopstyle.it/l/7NAx
Plus Black Camo: https://shopstyle.it/l/7NAs

Leggings,Top,Hat,Similar Shoes

Not to end my post on a depressing note, but here is my "mourning the end of summer" look.  My kids went back to school last week and I am for sure in a funk having them gone all day.  I know this too shall pass and I'll get back into our routine and into my own groove, but right now I'm just missing my babes.  The house is oddly quiet and my dog is not much of a talker.  These are Zella's "Live In Leggings."  And that's just what there are.  Whether I'm cleaning at home, running errands or throw a dress over them for a night out I really do live in these leggings . . good thing I have two pairs.  Thanks for reading!  I have a few finds I'm excited to share, so stay tuned!  xoxox-Allie


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