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Loving Life In Wide Width Winter Boots

Winter in the PNW means rain, rain, a randomlly sunny day that is like 70 degrees, followed by-you guessed it rain.  Where I live in Oregon we do have some light dustings of snow and every 2-3 years it "dumps snow" which means a couple of inches.  Basically the whole city shuts down when this happens and we all hunker in for the 1-2 days it last.  It's the one time a year I love our steep driveway, it's the best sledding hill!  Winter and rain boots has been one of the most difficult items to find that fit Bertha .  Here are a few style I found that should work for us Lymphies and Lippys. xo-Allie Sorel Out and About Waterproof Bootie Living in Oregon and as a soccer Mom I need a good basic boot to keep Bertha dry.  I especially like these boots, because they are lace up, so you can adjust them if you only have one "Lymphie foot."  This is the boot I've had for the past few years.  I read reviews and decided to size up 2 sizes to a 12 and I'm glad I

Loving Life in Wide Width Booties

 Hello Autumn my old friend, I've come bootless once again.  Every year when Fall arrives my social media is flooded with girls sporting wide brim felt hats, sweaters, t-shits stating "it's fall y'all!" and of course fall boots.  Two years ago I did find a bootie that fit Bertha . . . and I bought it in 3 colors. But I have had a lot of messages from women looking for Fall Boots that will fit their Lymphedema legs, so I went on the hunt.  As I was searching I discovered to my surprise there are a lot more options out there.  So many that I've decided to split my Blog Posts into three parts: Ankle Booties, Tall Boots and Outdoor Boots & Slippers. I'm always wary of boots with zippers.  Even if they have stretch, if they have a zipper pretty much every boot I've tried on hasn't worked.  Think about that pair of jeans you try to get on, the grunting, sweating and pulling-boots with zippers are those jeans' counterpart to me. So heads up there