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Scan day calls for stretch pants

I have a PET scan today and you know what that calls for, stretch pants and a well deserved cookie afterwards.  Because, after fasting for 4 hours before the scan that is the only logical food, right?  Today I want to introduce my 6th favorite member of our family (our dog beat them of for 5th place.)  Stretch pants!  Who doesn't love them?  The problem is some are just too thin and should never see the light of day.  The other issue is even thought they are stretchy, sometimes they still can't fit over Bertha (see below post to find out who she is.)  So my all time favorite stretch pant is the Zella 'live in legging.' For $54 you can have the luxury of having a legging that not only fits well, but is thick enough.  And my favorite part they have a wide waistband to hide all of my wobbly bits.  They come in plus sizes too and are also reversible, so after my toddlers use them for a tissue or I inevitably spill my coffee, I just turn them inside out and voila they are

A leg by any other name would be as big.

I guess it's time to introduce Bertha, my previous post might make a little more sense.  Some women name their boobs, I name my legs.  My skinny "normal" leg is Tiffany who I imagine would be a cheerleader and a runner.  And then there is my lymphedema leg Bertha, who bakes likes science.  Ok I know that is so stereotypical, but it's makes me laugh and makes other people feel awkward.  I mean they named a golf club "Big Bertha" so really I'm just following suit.  Bertha has been with me since 2007 and isn't going away anytime soon, so it was only proper she be named.  We have a love hate relationship, but in the end she is a big part of my life and according to my husband "his favorite leg in the world."  Yes you can "awwww" now.  And yes I hit the jackpot with him.  XOXO-Allie

Jeans for Bertha

Thank goodness skinny jeans are in style.  It sure beats the boot cut phase when one of my legs sported the traditional boot cut and Bertha . . she tried her best.  My calf is the most disproportionate part of my leg so finding pants and jeans that will fit past it usually ends in me sweating, occasional cursing and tears.  My new find is from GAP.  They are called 'HIGH STRETCH 1969 true skinny.'  They come in Short, Regular and Long lengths so you are sure to find your perfect fit.  GAP also has the 'STRETCH 1969 true skinny' which I also own and find to have enough stretch, even for Big Bertha.  I own 3 colors, they hold up really well.  I am moving a lot with my little ones and have been pleasantly surprised how the knees haven't worn like other jeans have.  And the inner thigh fabric has not worn through double win!!  I honestly feel like I'm wearing stretch pants, but look a little more put together.  I wash them in cold and hang dry them.  Here is a p

Franco Sarto is my new best friend

I love to wear flats, but my issue is the ball my foot makes at the front of my foot.  All of the fluid from my toes and below push to form a massive fluid ball that no lymphatic massage can help.  So I have stayed away hoping for the day I could find a shoe that would cover enough of my foot with out needing to wear a loafer.  The other day I was searching Nordstrom Rack and found flats that came up high enough.  The Franco Sarto Simona Flat.  I tried it on and it was like leather butter to my feet.  I did go up a size, but since they are pointed toes it doesn't look like I'm wearing clown shoes.  Before lymphedema I was a 9 1/2, now I usually wear an 11, but with these I went up to a 12.  They are on Nordstrom Rack's website right now.  They have a leather pair in black and cognac and also a suede pair in mushroom and new bordo (which is a burnt orangy-red color.) You know what a lymphedema patient says, " if the shoe fits, buy it in every color."  I love fin

Booties, for me? You shouldn't have.

I have wanted to start this blog for a while now.  So here it is, I am hoping to update it frequently.  I have been living in sport clothes for several years and want to venture out and wear normal clothes and shoes.  I will for sure share my sport clothes finds, it still is my primary clothing choice.  Usually fall is a girl's favorite season.  Sweaters, scarves, pumpkin spice everything and . . . boots.  Not a lymphie's best friend.  Summer was so easy, I have my Birkenstocks that I live in and flip flops.  Sure my foot looks like a blimp, but there is so much room to breath!!  Boots and shoes my arch nemesis aside from jeans which are close runner up.  Last year I found some awesome booties.  The Minnetonka Women's Chukka Wedge Boot.  I know I always get nervous when I hear "wedge," but it's not too tall and as long as I don't wear them everyday all day I'm good.  Of course I bought both colors.  I've been able to still find them on a few places