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#OOTD October

  I am finally embracing fall now that I have a few staple items in my wardrobe.  From radiation and cancer treatment it has put my body into early menopause and am running hot!  So I am loving having a light weight jean jacket to throw on and then quickly tear off during a hot flash, ha ha!  This one is from Old Navy . My sweater underneath is from the LOFT from years ago, but I found a similar one currently there the Stitchy Sweater .  These BP Moto leggings come in regular and plus sizes from Nordstrom.  And I live through my shoes as a skater in my Old Skool Vans . I love that I can still wear my Birkenstocks in October!  These are the Gizeh style.  My sweater and top are both Free People.  The sweater is from last year, but this one is on my wish list!   Also my shirt was a gift, but here is a similar one .  And of course my favorite skimmers by HUE , all sizes are still in stock at DSW. Sport clothes is what I used to live it, so they hold a special

Camouflaging Bertha

You guys, how did I not think of this before?!  To really camouflage Bertha, I should just camouflage Bertha.  Confused yet?  It's such a Dad joke, but I thought of it the minute I put on these leggings.  I love the camo trend, but haven't found the perfect piece until I stumbled across these leggings.  The Women's Camo Print High-Rise Leggings by Wild Fable at Target.  At this price point it was worth a shot.  They are a thin cotton/spandex blend legging, I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it too-are they see through?  Ladies I made sure they were not with a pair obnoxiously crazy pattern knickers. They are super fun to wear sporty with some sneakers or to dress up with a boot.  The green camo did come in regular and plus sizes, but sadly the Plus sizes sold out.  Fear not, these also come in red camo in regular and plus sizes , but they are also selling out fast!  I'll let you know if they come back in green camo for plus sizes.  So if yo