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Vans Are My New Love Language

I have a pretty casual life.  I'm a stay at home Mom, wife and professional cancer patient.  I live in the PNW where you can pretty much get away wearing anything anywhere.  The home of Portlandia.  When I watch that show it feels more like a documentary.  So maybe the next phrase won't make sense,  but I was on the hunt for fancy sneakers.  I don't even know really what to call them, tennis shoes, kicks?  Basically I live in Nikes, but was looking for a "dress up tennis shoe." I usually go up a size to accommodate Bertha .  But, after my compression stocking I am looking for shoes that for sure can either stretch or come in a wide.  I'm at the age where I am about to fall into a different age category as well.  The first age category to go was the 18-24, now I'm hanging on for dear life in the 25-34 category, but in my mind I am still 21.  I will forever be 21, however my body keeps telling me otherwise. So long story short, my mentally 21 year ol

Spring has sprung

And so has my heart for these shoes!  Hallelujah!  Is what I actually said when I tried the Reese shoe by Mossimo Co.   I have been looking for a spring sneaker to wear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I also need size 11 most of the time, which can be difficult to find to try on in stores.  Before my past surgery and before my lymphie leg got out of control, I was still able to wear my normal size 10 shoes.  However after the surgery when my leg ballooned up, I needed to go up a size or two and it seems to give Bertha  enough room compression stocking and all.  This is my first time ordering wide shoes from Target, so I ordered an 11 and 12 wide, just to be on the safe side.  I always try on the larger size first, whether it's a shirt, pants or shoes.  I hate trying something om that "should be my size" only to realize, nope girl you have got to go bigger! I tried on the 12's and they were too big!  I don't know if this has ever happened when trying on