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Spanx you very much

Summer, I love it in the PNW!  We get to see the beauty that 9 months of rain brings and it brings green!  Hikes in the luscious gorge, laying in a hammock between two birch trees, a picnic under an oak tree that is older than my grandparents.

The other magical thing summer brings is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  Ok horrible segue, but I'm rusty, it's been a while since my last blog post.  With starting a new trial treatment for my cancer and numerous infections in Bertha I haven't been on my A game and have been living a pajamas for the most part.
Now that my infections are under control I can finally reveal my finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. My favorite so far are the Faux Leather Spanx Leggings.  You can find them in Regular and Plus sizes.  They have them in the black, navy, bronze and wine.   Although they are not on sale, currently some colors have been price matched, so keep your eye out! 

I sized up and I'm glad I did.  If you have ever worn a con…

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