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New Year New Uggs

My first post about these boots was called The Uggly Ducking.  I love this particular style of Ugg, because it has some give when getting my lymphie foot in and also stretch and mold to Bertha after a while.  There is an elastic band that closes the boot on the side, which is a God send on days Bertha is angry.  The Mini Bailey Button Boot 11 Boot:  Just remember to seal them before you wear them out.  Each pair I've owned have had a lot of life in them, the only reason I had to say goodbye was because Bertha's toe poked a hole in the fabric.

I know some people thing they are less than cute, but I'm convinced those people have never tried a pair on.  Even though my husband tease me about them, do you know what was on his Christmas list?  Yep, you guessed it Uggs!  xoxo-Allie

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