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The Girl The Leg And The Wardrobe

My closet is a rather funny sight.  All of my shoes lined up, the left ones look as if I just purchased them, while the right one look like I have not only worn it for years, but perhaps trained for a marathon in it, hiked through the Amazon and it got run over by a truck.  My poor left shoes, always thrown out before their time.  I imagine they have a support group and are learning to forgive me.

I color coordinate my closet, which makes me laugh now that I have taken a picture of it.  From black, chambray, white and gray to my small section of color or patterns when I thought I needed to "branch out,"  I usually wear it once or twice.  A soft pink sweater for Easter or blue blouse for a baby shower.  Then sadly it remains in my closet until I realize it has actually collected dust where it has draped on the hanger.  Lucky for me I have a sister in law who can flaunt any color who gladly adopts my Easter and baby shower clothes.

Just a heads up this blog post is my equivale…

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