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These Boots Were Made For Walking

. . . Or standing in the rain cheering my kids on during their soccer games.  Whether you call them rain boots, wellies or galoshes, living this the Pacific Northwest we call them a must have!  From the kids soccer games to running errands in a monsoon (which we call November-May now) they are a must.  For the past few years I've braved this weather with my Uggs or sneakers.  This year we had 70 days where the sun didn't shine for an entire day!  It may of peaked out for a brisk moment, but has been followed by clouds, rain showers, hail, thunder & lightening, sometimes all within the same day.  You name it, we've had it.

Since basically no store carries any practical women's shoes past size 10, I am prisoner to online shoe shopping, crossing my fingers hoping they'll work.  I've been down and out with my back, so I had more than enough time to search for rain boots.  Researching, reading reviews I finally chose a pair, sent up a hail Mary and waited, hopin…

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