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Link for HUE Ripped Denim Skimmer at DSW

I've had so many people respond saying they are interested in the    HUE Ripped Denim Skimmer  in midnight rinse . . . or as DSW puts it "blue."  DSW has it in every size (besides XS) online and in stock for $34.99!  I couldn't find a promo code, but DSW always has free shipping!  I hope you love them as much as I have!  Lots of love, Allie

Loving the HUE of spring

My goal in life besides being a good mom, wife, friend and human is to find stretchy pants (said in a Nacho Libre voice.)  If you have a lymphie leg or not, these pants, jeggings, leggings whatever you want to call them are a God send to my spring and summer wardrobe. It's the HUE Ripped Denim Skimmer .  This pant come in three different colors, the one I am wearing in the picture below is the Midnight Rinse.  Side note I always check to find coupon codes.  I found a 20% off code for these.   So I am usually a Large to X-Large in clothing.  To be safe that this pair of pants fit Bertha I tried the XL.  While they fit my leg, they do seem a bit loose in my hips & booty, but I won't complain about that problem, ha ha.  Of course I wore them with my nude compression garment so through the rips it looked a little more natural.  My husband jokes that, because I wore my nude stocking I camouflaged my lymphie leg, ha ha.  We have dark humor, especially ab