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Sliding Into The Last Week Of Summer

Target.  Need I say more.  I think we all try to play the game "let's see if I can leave Target with only the items on my list."  I also think it's safe to say we all lose Every. Single. Time.  Well that was the case when I found these sandals.  Sunscreen, check . . toilet paper, check . . . kids breakfast bars, check.  Then I made my fatal mistake of walking past the shoe aisle.  My husband loves how I justify my frivolous Target spending.  "Babe, I returned that t-shirt I bought my last Target trip, then all women's shoes were 25% off, I had a five dollar Target gift card, plus sandals were on Cartwheel and with my Target debit card I got another 5% off, sooooooo basically they were free!" I love the slip on sandal trend going on, but hate that there are few sandals that slip past my toes on Bertha.  The dv Annalyse Woven Slide is not only a beautiful inexpensive sandal, but also has velcro, HELLO!  Game changer!  I simply adjust the one for my lymp

Don't Worry It's A Sunless Tan Man

A golden tan, it's what we all want, but at what cost?  I am currently living with stage 4 metastatic melanoma, that is not sun related.  My parents always sun screened me as a kid, I was never one to fake & bake, but still here we are.  Having melanoma has given me an ever deeper conviction about always wearing sunscreen. Lucky for me I do live in the Pacific Northwest where it is overcast and rains about 3/4 of the year.  But us PNW'ers live for our summers.  We have a lush landscape with the beach and mountains less than 2 hours away and everything from kite boarding to fishing for famous Chinooks is all at our fingertips.  The only thing about us PNW'ers is many of us come into the summer season pale as ghost!  I've tried all of the creams and lotions to give me that sun kissed look, instead what it gives me is a chemical bath and stained orange sheets.  Well no more, this summer I found my solution! One of my best friends sells Rodan + Fields.  They have a

All About The Maxi's

So I just got done with my final IL2 treatment!  It's an intense treatment, one of the side effects is capulairy leak symdrom, two weeks ago I gained 14 pounds of fluid, which is almost 2 gallons!  This past week I only gained 10 pounds, ha ha! So it was a dress week, here are some of my favorites. Lots of love, Allie The Jersey-Knit Swing Dress.  Ok, so not a maxi dress, but with the heat we've been having I'm forced to have confidence and bear my lymphie leg.  If I were more brave I would buy this in every color . . . and by that I mean black, grey and stripped.  It's easy and breezy, give me more time I'll have the confidence.  Until then I save this one for at home or when my hair, nails and lips are on point. Link for my Birkenstocks, the Gizeh Birko-Flor. **Ok palm to face just clicked on this link and it's sold out.  But check your store and check Nordstrom Rack, sometimes they'll have this brand.   Caslon Drawstring