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Sandals from another life

Vacation is coming up and thankfully one thing I don't have to look for are sandals.  At one point in our marriage, before I wore stretch pants almost every day, when I had time to do my hair and I didn't have my shirt used to wipe noses and hands.  My husband and I were DINKS (dual income no kids.) Our best friends lived in another city and some Fridays after work we would fly up to stay with them for the weekend, we bought top shelf and I thought couponing was a joke.  For sure another life!  We went on one last vacation before we decided to start trying for babies.  The resort we were going to had a dress code-NO FLIP FLOPS!? At this time flip flops were my summer shoe for Bertha.  I had very few regular shoes that still fit her and strappy sandals were out of the question.  I mean IF I could fit my chubby foot in one it looked like a honey baked ham!  And wearing shoes with out compression was out of the question anyways.  Until I found the Tory Burch Miller Sandal .  Sur

No I don't sell LuLaRoe . . . but I should!

I'm not sure if you've heard of LuLaRoe ?  If you are a Mom that lives in the suburbs you probably own at least one LuLaRoe piece.  Some of my girlfriends started showing up with these fun leggings and flowy flattering shirts.  Leggings?  Tunic tops?  I must know where I can purchase these things! LuLaRoe, it's pretty easy to find a pop up shop on Facebook or you can check out their website to find a consultant near you.  I swear to you I don't sell it.  But, my favorite item they sell is . . . LuLaRoe Legging This is a new one I've added to my closet.  For $25 I felt like I couldn't lose.  I had heard amazing things about them and thought at least they could be my "home day" leggings.  I was wrong!  They are thinner than my Zellas, but a lot softer.  Since they are thinner they are easier to put on, on days when Bertha is angry and larger than life.  Again a wide waist band.  They only have 2 sizes too.  In the words of Ina Garten "how easy

Is it just me or does everyone break a sweat while clothes shopping? Part 1

This year is my 10 year wedding anniversary with, as you know him "my ever so loving and practical husband."  We wanted to go somewhere warm, so he booked it and now I am left realizing I need to be seen in bathing suits, shorts and dresses.  Figuring out what I will be wearing is my equivalent to running a marathon.  I should lose at least 5 pounds in my clothing search, right?!  But then I realize the ice cream I will be inhaling after a bum day of shopping may cancel it out. Shop 1: We had a random day date and I found myself at the doorstep of one of my favorite brands Free People.  I perused the front of the store eyeing items, placing them against my body like I was seriously thinking about purchasing it.  Who was I kidding it was all for show, as I meandered to the back of the store I had to act almost surprised.  "Oh!  A sale section, isn't this quaint."  Yeah right that is the only reason I even dared going into this store, they always have a huge sa

These jeans are my spirit clothing

I love this skinny jean, mostly because I feel like the brand represents me: 'Wit and Wisdom.'  Also, I know they will always have the  basic jean  and  black jean .  This past summer they came out with a boyfriend jean with trendy holes and they actually fit!  Sure, Bertha ripped the holes a bit bigger, but it was so awesome to wear a jean that was trendy.  This is where I do a hair flip, sip my Starbucks and take a selfie.  But, seriously I've come to terms that most trendy styles don't fit. So, when one does I get pretty excited! Wit & Wisdom jeans have a ton of stretch and they seem to come up a little higher on the waist (which I prefer.) No one wants to see my underwear or mom tummy.  These jeans fit pretty true to size.  I wash most all of my clothing items cold and hang dry them so they don't shrink and keep their luster, these jeans included!  I have also seen them at Nordstrom Rack as well.  The greatest reason to buy these jeans? They come in regular,