Sandals from another life

Vacation is coming up and thankfully one thing I don't have to look for are sandals.  At one point in our marriage, before I wore stretch pants almost every day, when I had time to do my hair and I didn't have my shirt used to wipe noses and hands.  My husband and I were DINKS (dual income no kids.) Our best friends lived in another city and some Fridays after work we would fly up to stay with them for the weekend, we bought top shelf and I thought couponing was a joke.  For sure another life!  We went on one last vacation before we decided to start trying for babies.  The resort we were going to had a dress code-NO FLIP FLOPS!?

At this time flip flops were my summer shoe for Bertha.  I had very few regular shoes that still fit her and strappy sandals were out of the question.  I mean IF I could fit my chubby foot in one it looked like a honey baked ham!  And wearing shoes with out compression was out of the question anyways.  Until I found the Tory Burch Miller Sandal.  Sure I know it's an arm and a leg and more than my entire grocery budget for the week, but who needs to eat, right?!

Thankfully it has not come to this, because I have owned there amazing pair for 6 years now and they are still going strong!  They have abdolutly paid for themselves.  I keep looking every year for dress up sandals, but nothing can replace these magical gold sandals that fit Bertha no matter her size. And they are so comfortable!  Geeze, I wish I had jeans like this, fit no matter my size.  Pretty Sure that's how The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was inspired.  When it comes to shoes, I have to focus on quality and longevity, because who knows the next time I'll find another black flat, sandal or fall boot that will fit me.  Lymphedema or not this is an amazing sandal that I highly recommend for anyone.  And as always when a lymphie finds a shoes that fits, we need to buy it in every color . . . unless it's this one, one color will do.  XOXO-Allie


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