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Hello!  Yes I am still alive, a bout of stage 4 cancer can't keep me down.  Ok, I apologize for the dark sense of humor, but it's what keeps me sane.  I have been laying low and focusing on being present with my family and trying to manage my pain and side effects from my cancer treatment. I currently finished round 5 of a clinical trial.  It's doesn't have a name yet, just a few letters and a lot of numbers, what can I say I'm a guinea pig.  Alright, I'll get to my review, I would hate to end up like a food blogger who tells you their whole life story before getting to the recipe (is there a "skip into" button like on Netflix?)

If you have followed me for a bit you know I love Pandere shoes.  I have been gifted ones to try, but always try to give an honest review. I sincerely admire this company for working hard to find ways to make practical, comfortable and stylish shoes to fit a wide range of different needs people have.

This time I tried the Pandere Clog.  At first I was skeptical-clogs can be tricky.  I was worried they would slide too much for comfort.  I always hate it when I have to scrunch my toes so much just to hold on for dear life to a shoe.  I am happy to report this was not the case with these clogs. I have been trying to wear my wraps more, especially when I'm home.  The only problem is with wearing wraps, if I don't wear a shoe then my wraps will slide down off of my foot.  My other problem is my precious Golden Retriever, although she is my fur baby that I love and adore, she sheds like crazy and her hair especially clings to my wraps. For those reasons I try to wear a shoe or slipper when donning my wraps. 

I decided to try these clogs while I was at home wearing my compression wraps. I wore them all day and it was magical!  I was able to adjust the shoe to my left "non-lymphie" foot and there was no toe clingage (that's a word, right?!)  I also was able to adjust the right shoe to fit not only Bertha's foot, but also my wraps on top of that.  I cooked, I cleaned and even ran out for an errand.  They were extremely comfortable and versatile and met every experience of my day. 

I have been wanting a slip on shoe, especially one I can wear on my home days.  I go outside often from watering my garden, picking flowers and herbs to watching my kids splash and play in the pool. I don't want to wear a sandal that might get my wraps or compression stocking wet, so this slip on clog is perfect for my life.  If any of my review or day rings true to you I say do yourself a favor and check out Pandere's new Clog Shoe-or really any of their styles, they will not disappoint when you are looking for a quality shoe that can adjust to your needs and ever changing limb.  Enjoy my 15% off discount code: Lovinglife15 offer is for the next 30 days at www.Pandereshoes.com Feel free to comment or ask questions! 


Loads and loads of laundry.  It never ends, right?!

Running a quick errand.  So thankful I don't have to switch out my shoes, but can go from housework to running around town in this comfy clog.

Cooking up some Sunday Supper.  It was great running out to the garden for some fresh herbs and not having to worry about getting my wraps dirty or wet.


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