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Looking Fly

So Nikes are my new faves if you couldn't tell.  I had a previous post on my  Nike Frees , sadly they have seen better days and are off to Nike's Reuse-a-shoe operation.  So instead of the dumpster the shoes that have served me so well will live another life as a shoe, a turf field or kids playground.  How awesome is that?! I finally replace them and try another style my friend raves about, the Nike Flyknit (an awesome eco shoe Nike created.)  I searched the sale section and found them- a pink and purple haze of color.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my basic black, but since I wear such basic color clothing shoes are one thing I'll go crazy with color.  There is nothing like that perfect pair of fun red dress shoes . . . but that's for another post. I was skeptical about the color, even though my heart loves a bright shoe.  When I wear bold items (for me) I feel like I have a marque arrow sign pointing to Bertha .  But, who cares, life is short and these shoes