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Lotion Commotion

You know you're getting old when you ask for lotion for Christmas.  In earlier years my Christmas wish list included handbags, jewelry and clothes.  Now those items have changed to vacuums, lotion and Spa days.  Who am I kidding, I still want the handbags, jewelry & clothes as well.  Also in earlier years when my husband would come home with flowers my heart would skip a beat.  Now I have that same reactions when he does the dishes, makes dinner or wakes up with our kids. So yes, this Christmas when my Mom asked what I wanted I knew exactly what to say,  Kiehl's Creme de Corps .  My skin has always been on the drier side, when winter starts it becomes increasingly worse.  This lotion is in a category of it's own, it has an almost velvet like feel on my skin and hydrates like no other.  Great for my lymphie limb Bertha !  The greatest part is I never feel that greasy or sticky feeling which makes it impossible to put on your compression stocking (I only break a littl