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From brown to gray in a day

Growing up I was a toe head, I had bleach blonde hair which morphed into dirty blonde.  I had a horrific stage around 7th grade when I discovered Sun In.  Thankfully by high school I understood my hair a bit better and started to highlight it to try and savor the last of my blonde.  After I got married and realized the luxury of blonde hair was super expensive.  I came to the conclusion after years of highlights I was actually no longer blonde, but brunette.  I was excited for the change, my Mom did not take the news as well.  I dyed my hair brown around 2008 . . . still when we are in a store together my Mom will look right past me as I am frantically jumping and waiving at her, because "she is looking for a blonde." I have been all variations of brown.  After I turned 30 I noticed some grey's sneaking in, but nothing that a quarterly (more like yearly to bi yearly after the babes were born) trip to the hair salon couldn't cover.  I also can't remember the la