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M-m-m-m-my machete

My my my machete! Ok sorry, I had My Sharona in my head, basically I live life like I'm in a musical most days.  Here's hoping my kids turn out semi normal.  But I should sing a love song about my shoe horn or as I lovingly call it my machete.  It has gotten me through some tough times and gotten my foot into some tough shoes.  This past week was a rough one, my closet had become a jungle and I was almost about to use my shoe horn to navigate through it all, when my ever so loving and practical husband decided it was time to say goodbye to items we have held onto and will never wear.  Sadly it's for the opposite reasons.  See my husband has lost 50 pounds in the past couple of years, every old clothing item he tried on he was swimming in.  While I am extremely proud of him (serious hard work of P90X, no sugar & no grains, running etc) I am slightly jealous.  Yes!  I found out you can be jealous of a member of the opposite sex, including your spouse.  Everything I was

The Uggly ducking

No I don't live in Australia, yes I wear them not just when I am at the mountains, no I am not a 13 year old girl.  Uggs, we all have a love hate relationship.  Yes they can be Uggly (Dad joke) but dang they are comfortable!  And my boot of choice in the winter, they pair nicely with a jean or stretch pant.  My favorite and only style I can fit is the 'Mini Bailey Button II: . Please apologize to your significant others if you go out and purchase these amazing boots, because I feel like they will be the star in your fall/winter line up.  They are a pretty penny, but I have had my current pair for several years.  Long live Uggs! I am looking for some rain boots currently.  What have you found that works?  I weather proofed my Uggs and am using them for my everything boots, would love a pair of rain boots since I live in the good ole rainy NW.  XOXO-Allie

All the single socks (all the single socks)

I have a confession, I steal from the guy who put a ring on it.  I steal my husband's socks.  I'm not quite sure why I haven't purchased my own or why he hasn't purchased some for me.  The problem is I only wear one.  Putting a sock over an already cover foot by my compression stocking seems silly and believe me I don't need the extra bulk on Bertha!  So when laundry days comes we have a pile of single socks, which also results in hubby never having socks.  Why is it so easy to buy an overpriced latte, but when it comes to a pair of socks I have sticker shock?!  It's probably why I am still wearing my nursing bras.  I should include my youngest is now 4 years old and has not needed my "girls" for years.  I even have a Victoria Secret gift card burning a hole in my wallet.  I don't think my joke with my husband of "having easy access" is working anymore.  Ok back to socks, there is no real moral to this story, besides I really need a new b

Scan results, infusion and Nikes, oh my!

Yesterday I got my scan results and had my infusion.  My husband was able to take me, sad, but true it's almost like a mini date.  We have amazing friends who watch our kids, we grab a coffee before, get to sit and talk the whole time.  Ha ha, maybe not the date of my dreams, but with our busy life I'll take it! I always want to be comfortable on days like these, so I am outfitted with my Zella stretch pants (see previous post) a cozy top and my Nike Frees. My Nike Free Flyknit shoes are the lightest, most comfortable shoes that have had a really good run (pun intended.) My go to pair, they fit and form to my feet and even keep Bertha's swelling down since I tie the shoelaces like a corset.  Check them out, you will not regret it. My scan results were good.  I have had two tumors that are inoperable, one being in my lymphedema leg.  I have been on an immunotherapy since May.  My scan showed no new tumor growths and the two tumors I've had also have not grown!