All the single socks (all the single socks)

I have a confession, I steal from the guy who put a ring on it.  I steal my husband's socks.  I'm not quite sure why I haven't purchased my own or why he hasn't purchased some for me.  The problem is I only wear one.  Putting a sock over an already cover foot by my compression stocking seems silly and believe me I don't need the extra bulk on Bertha!  So when laundry days comes we have a pile of single socks, which also results in hubby never having socks.  Why is it so easy to buy an overpriced latte, but when it comes to a pair of socks I have sticker shock?!  It's probably why I am still wearing my nursing bras.  I should include my youngest is now 4 years old and has not needed my "girls" for years.  I even have a Victoria Secret gift card burning a hole in my wallet.  I don't think my joke with my husband of "having easy access" is working anymore.  Ok back to socks, there is no real moral to this story, besides I really need a new bra (and socks!)  What are your lymphedema confessions?  XOXO-Allie


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