The Uggly ducking

No I don't live in Australia, yes I wear them not just when I am at the mountains, no I am not a 13 year old girl.  Uggs, we all have a love hate relationship.  Yes they can be Uggly (Dad joke) but dang they are comfortable!  And my boot of choice in the winter, they pair nicely with a jean or stretch pant.  My favorite and only style I can fit is the 'Mini Bailey Button II: Please apologize to your significant others if you go out and purchase these amazing boots, because I feel like they will be the star in your fall/winter line up.  They are a pretty penny, but I have had my current pair for several years.  Long live Uggs!
I am looking for some rain boots currently.  What have you found that works?  I weather proofed my Uggs and am using them for my everything boots, would love a pair of rain boots since I live in the good ole rainy NW.  XOXO-Allie


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