M-m-m-m-my machete

My my my machete! Ok sorry, I had My Sharona in my head, basically I live life like I'm in a musical most days.  Here's hoping my kids turn out semi normal.  But I should sing a love song about my shoe horn or as I lovingly call it my machete.  It has gotten me through some tough times and gotten my foot into some tough shoes.  This past week was a rough one, my closet had become a jungle and I was almost about to use my shoe horn to navigate through it all, when my ever so loving and practical husband decided it was time to say goodbye to items we have held onto and will never wear.

 Sadly it's for the opposite reasons.  See my husband has lost 50 pounds in the past couple of years, every old clothing item he tried on he was swimming in.  While I am extremely proud of him (serious hard work of P90X, no sugar & no grains, running etc) I am slightly jealous.  Yes!  I found out you can be jealous of a member of the opposite sex, including your spouse.  Everything I was holding onto didn't fit Bertha, my foot or my Mommy tummy.  Side note-can I still call it a Mommy tummy even when my youngest is turning 4 years old?  Again I will answer YES!

Knee high boots, high top sneakers, jeans with no stretch were all tossed aside like that brown mascara you accidentally bought.  Sure it works, but not for you.  My over sentimental self wanted to have a memorial for these items, instead my husband bagged them up and took them to donate. It was for the best, I for sure would of snuck a few things back in.  I do feel better going into my closet and knowing everything in there actually fits.  And if I ever do get Bertha (or my tummy) down I'll want to go out and celebrate by purchasing new clothes, but still it's so hard to say good-bye . . . to yesterdaaaayyyyyy . . . sorry Boys 2 Men moment.  XOXO-Allie

I purchased my shoe horn at Nordstrom.  They currently don't have this color, but a way more awesome bronze finish.  Shoe Horn.


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