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Leggings for your ASSETS

My other working title "Spanx You Again."  But, I think I've just seen too many 50 Shades Freed commercials.  Side note, why are those commercials on during the Olympics when my little ones are watching?!  I already had to have the sex talk with my six year old, I'm not ready to devulge anymore in that area, that's what college is for, right?!  Ok, getting back to leggings- During the holidays I found the Spanx Faux Leather Legging  (See blog post Spanx You Very Much .) It's a love item for sure and in my opinion any Spanx item I've purchased is worth every penny.  Spanx also has a spin off brand called ASSETS that came out with a partial faux leather legging that is just as amazing and 1/3 of the cost!    ASSETS by Spanx Women's Faux Leather Front Legging  (priced at $34) has front pannels which are faux leather while the back pannel is a poly/spandex material that stretches over Bertha , compressions stocking and all. I felt like the work out to

Hello Moto

Pants shopping for can be such an emotional experience for any woman.  Add a huge leg and times the difficulty by 100 . . . more like 1,000!  Ok maybe that's a tad dramatic but, it's difficult when you have a shopping day where nothing you try on fits, especially when you are needing new pants.  That's when my emotional eating habits set in.  So ironic "nothing fits me, I'm going to Cinnabon to eat my feelings, that should help my problem, right!?"  This is why I only shop on a full stomache.  Or I shop if I want a good work out.  With the streching, jumping and lunging I have to do to get some pants on, there is a good chance I'm loosing a few pound as I sweat it out in the dressing room. Alas my mall days are mostly over.  I have almost become an expert on how much spandex percentage is needed to fit over Bertha , so I have started to shop online.  I found these amazing moto leggings that were on sale.  I purchased them in November, but postponed tryin