Leggings for your ASSETS

My other working title "Spanx You Again."  But, I think I've just seen too many 50 Shades Freed commercials.  Side note, why are those commercials on during the Olympics when my little ones are watching?!  I already had to have the sex talk with my six year old, I'm not ready to devulge anymore in that area, that's what college is for, right?!  Ok, getting back to leggings-

During the holidays I found the Spanx Faux Leather Legging (See blog post Spanx You Very Much.) It's a love item for sure and in my opinion any Spanx item I've purchased is worth every penny.  Spanx also has a spin off brand called ASSETS that came out with a partial faux leather legging that is just as amazing and 1/3 of the cost!   ASSETS by Spanx Women's Faux Leather Front Legging (priced at $34) has front pannels which are faux leather while the back pannel is a poly/spandex material that stretches over Bertha, compressions stocking and all.

I felt like the work out to get these on was a bit easier.  These are not only an awesome and trendy leggings, but ASSESTS will keep all of your assets in place.  Also with only half of the legging as faux leather I feel like I can dress them down with some sneakers as easily as I can dress these leggings up with a mule (or heel if you want to be really daring.)  It's a very versital piece to have in your wardrobe.

Basically this pair of leggings is like a mullet: polished business in the front, stretch and party for my legs in the back!  Too far? It was either that or an ode to my son with a Two Faced reference, which means it's time for me to close my computer ....also I need to have a conversation with someone who is over the age of six.

My dress down outfit.  I need to learn how to pose for photos.
It started snowing!  In the PNW that means the city shuts down, ha ha!

An upclose look at the front and back pannels.

My dressed up outfit.  Don't mind the stuffed anima, random chairs
and dirty floors in the background. #reallife


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