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Summer Sandals- Save and Splurge

Summer can be dreaded for Lymphies, the heat on our limbs can cause them to swell even more.  Add to that bearing our compression in swimsuits and sandals, it can be emotionally difficult as well.  I hope my post will alleviate some of the concern.  I've collected some summer sandals that will fit your lymphie leg (all the sandals listed come in wide widths or will most likely fit people with LE) For each style I've included a "Save" option and "Splurge."  With shoes I like to purchase some fun trends and not spend a lot, but then there are some shoes I know will last and I will get a lot of use from, I am willing to spend a little more on these.  You may think "Allie it's only March, summer is months away!?"  I've noticed that a lot of the seasonal items are out of stock by the time it's the actual season to shop for, so I have learned to grab an item if I really love it, because chances are it will be gone next time I shop.  I hope yo