Summer Sandals- Save and Splurge

Summer can be dreaded for Lymphies, the heat on our limbs can cause them to swell even more.  Add to that bearing our compression in swimsuits and sandals, it can be emotionally difficult as well.  I hope my post will alleviate some of the concern.  I've collected some summer sandals that will fit your lymphie leg (all the sandals listed come in wide widths or will most likely fit people with LE) For each style I've included a "Save" option and "Splurge."  With shoes I like to purchase some fun trends and not spend a lot, but then there are some shoes I know will last and I will get a lot of use from, I am willing to spend a little more on these.  You may think "Allie it's only March, summer is months away!?"  I've noticed that a lot of the seasonal items are out of stock by the time it's the actual season to shop for, so I have learned to grab an item if I really love it, because chances are it will be gone next time I shop.  I hope you enjoy browsing the summer sandals!  xo-Allie

Save-Mad Love Keava Footbed Sandal

This sandal looks similar to Birkenstocks.  While it might not last as long, it will be a great addition and a summer staple.  It has almost 5 stars on Target's website and it noted to run large and of course it come in wide sizes.  This sandal comes in four colors.

Splurge-Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

With Birkenstock you know you will be making a quality and lasting purchase.  I have had my Birkenstocks for years.  During the warmer months they are my go to and seem to never go out of style . . . at least for us Oregonians.

Save-A New Day Emmy Studded Croband Sandal

I was so excited to see this sandal.  It looks like a designer sandal, but it comes in wide widths and is under $25! Again reviews say it runs big, which is just what us Lymphie's need and comes in two colors: black and tan.  In the past when I've found a shoe that fits I usually buy black and the tan or brown color so I have all of my wardrobe bases covered.

Splurge-Munro Pisces Sandal

This sandal does have studs and also an elastic ankle band to keep you strapped in. And with close to a 5 star review and comfortable footed it seems like this sandal is too good to be true.

Shade & Shore Neida EVA Two Band Sandal

I do have this sandal in a wide width and it's one for the best $10 purchases I've made.  They are again similar to Birkenstock Sandal, but a wonderful alternative if you're not wanting to spend a lot of money.  I've worn them on a rocky shore at the lake in the water, to out and about with a summer dress.  They are my go to slip on shoe in the summer if I need to run outside and are very comfortable.  I highly suggest adding these to your shoe collection.

Splurge-Birkenstock Essentials Arizona Sandal

I know I talked up the Target version of this sandal, but truth be told I do have a pair of the Birkenstock Essentials Sandals and I can tell they are again made to last.  This keep their color through the sun a water.  IT just depends what you're looking for. 

Save-Universal Threads Jenny Slide 

This Sandal has been a high selling one.  I know, because anytime I try to order it in my size, it's sold out.  Simple and in a variety of colors it seems like this wide sandal has taken the cake for a budget friendly simple summer sandal. More colors.

Splurge-Aldo Lothelalian Sandal

Again super simple and a "go with anything" type pf look, this sandal could be worn for years to come.  I think it's a great alternative if you want to invest in a quality slip on.  It's classic look with the material as a bit of flare.

Save-Okabashi Maddox Sustainable Crossband Slide Sandal

I couldn't find a "splurge" alternative to this style, but I think it speaks for itself and if anything would be a great "slip on to grab the mail shoe." They may not say it in the title, but these are a wide width sandal and are sustainably made!  You can also thrown them in the washer ti clean them, how cool it that.  This sandal comes in four colors: Popsicle pink, sunflower, black and pearl.

Again, no equivalent, but, this is my go to sandal of summer.  Maybe it's just how it fits Bertha or that I got them on sale.  But this is the second pair I've purchased-the only reason I needed to replace them is when my Golden was a puppy and couldn't resist chewing their sweet delicious cork foot bed.  I hope some of these sandal ideas have helped you in your journey for picking some cute summer shoes. Always feel free to ask me questions or let me know if you've found a shoe that works for you that you want to share!


  1. Thanks a ton for this blog , this is soooo helpful.. inspired and got 1st birkenstock :)


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