Ode to Birkenstocks

So when I was 19 and had no clue what real life was.  My 3 guys friends and I (I should note I was a tomboy not a floozy) headed to the beach for a day of relaxing, because that's what every 19 years old needs, right?!  We walked by a Birkenstocks store and I said to one of them, "I remember those, I think I want to get a pair!"  The goof of our group, not hearing my previous comment pointed at the store. "Birkenstocks!  Hippy shoes!" For fear I would be excommunicated from our group-ok maybe that's too dramatic.  For fear of being made fun of, I quietly walked passed the store with only the longing of Birkenstocks in my heart, not on my feet.  Oh 19 year old me, if I only knew being made fun of for shoes would be the least of my worries in life.  One of those three guys in now my husband and was sure to remind me of that day when I purchased my Birks.

But seriously, how awesome is it that Birkenstocks have some back into style!  Or maybe they never left? I live in the NW where it is custom for some people to wear them year round with wool socks. No joke, Portlandia is real people.  All I know is they have saved my summers!  My favorite style is the 'Gizeh Birko-Flor Thong,'  This is the third summer I've had mine and they still look almost brand new.  I love that you can adjust the straps (Bertha loves it too) and it molds to your foot like a memory foam mattress.  They are beyond comfortable to wear.  Bonus I have been able to dress them up with a maxi dress or wear them with my stretch pants or jeans.  They also have so many fun colors now!  My Mama just got the Arizona Soft Footbed Birkenstocks in Copper for my birthday. The are a bit pricey, but shoes and pants are things I don't mind spending a little extra on if they fit right and look good . . . well look good to me, don't ask my hubs about them, ha ha!

No matter what the haters say my Birkenstocks are here to stay!! So thankful the rain stopped so I can sport these beauties!! XOXO-Allie

My summer of love shoes.

Me and my now hubby that day at the beach about 14 years ago. 
When we were "just friends." 
(We were wearing each other's hoodies.)


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