These Boots Were Made For Walking

. . . Or standing in the rain cheering my kids on during their soccer games.  Whether you call them rain boots, wellies or galoshes, living this the Pacific Northwest we call them a must have!  From the kids soccer games to running errands in a monsoon (which we call November-May now) they are a must.  For the past few years I've braved this weather with my Uggs or sneakers.  This year we had 70 days where the sun didn't shine for an entire day!  It may of peaked out for a brisk moment, but has been followed by clouds, rain showers, hail, thunder & lightening, sometimes all within the same day.  You name it, we've had it.

Since basically no store carries any practical women's shoes past size 10, I am prisoner to online shoe shopping, crossing my fingers hoping they'll work.  I've been down and out with my back, so I had more than enough time to search for rain boots.  Researching, reading reviews I finally chose a pair, sent up a hail Mary and waited, hoping it was me who ordered the boots and not my pain med induced self.

They are Sorel Women's Out N about Leather Snow Boot and retail for $100 and up most places, but I was able to find them on Amazon for around $60 (I just looked them up again and some colors are even less now!)  I read the reviews (always read the reviews & believe them!) They said they ran narrow (not a good thing for lymphies) and to go up a size. Eek!!  I already go up a this means I order a 12. Well besides the narrow boot I decided to order a 12 and guess what, they worked!! And I get even more compression, because they are a little snug. *silver lining.*

I love that they are short and lace up, so depending on how swollen Bertha is they still work. I was excited to try them out, I didn't even mind the torrential downpour during my kiddos soccer game. Bring it on! As I strutted with my boots, umbrella, back pack and tots I couldn't help but sing in my head, "these boots were made for walking and that's just what they'll do..." Seriously I wish my life was a musical!! Can that be a thing?  These boots are awesome for rain, but technically they are a snow boot, so two birds one stone!  Boom!  XOXO-Allie

Boots: &

Rare full body pic!  Soccer Mom life.  Yes I also drive a minivan.

Real classy over here with my muddy, dog hair, torn leggings.


  1. I'm so glad you found a boot that fits and is comfortable!

    1. Thank you Kathleen! I've been on the look out for a while, makes such a difference to have those practical items that just work.


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