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Loving Life In Maxi Dresses at Target

 What fit's every Lymphie's leg? Answer-dresses!  Right now is the last day you can save 20% on dresses at Target under Target Circle Coupons.  Below are some great dresses you can wear now and transition into Spring!  I usually stick to maxi dresses, it gives a little reprieve to Bertha bring on display and I don't have to worry if my compression matches or clashes with the dress.  So here are four maxi dresses I have in my closet or want in my closet. Knox Rose Paisley Print Dress I purchased this dress last year and I'm so glad they have it back!  It's more a a midi dress, but it fits true to size and could be worn with a denim jacket now and on it's own in the summer! It comes in red and purple. Knox Rose Floral Print Wrap Dress Depending how tall you are this could also be a maxi or midi dress on you.  I love the long sleeves and delicate floral pattern.  It could be perfect for Easter!  Bonus this dress comes in Regular and Plus sizes!  It also comes in tw

Loving Life in Tie Dye Loungewear

Peace, love and tie dye!  Two of my favorite things can become one in this tie dye lounge wear.  If tie dye isn't your thing it comes in several different patterns and colors, but I chose this beautiful earthy tie dye.  I also love that it comes in Regular and Plus Sizes.  Target has really been stepping up their games when it comes to Plus Size clothing.  Since Bertha is pretty large I sized up in the pants and since the sweatshirt is over sized I stuck with my normal size.  Below I styled it three ways, almost everything I'm wearing if from Target.  Some of the pieces and not current selling items, but usually Target brings back a similar item each year, so I linked all options in each look.  Enjoy! xo-Allie Out & About Sweatshirt: American Eagle Jeans Shoes: Necklace: Cozying Up For Winter Sweatpants: Shoes: h ttps:// Jacket:  https: