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Loving Life With My Favorite Target Shoes

It's no secret I love Target, they have really stepped up their game, especially when it comes to their shoes.  From booties to sneakers to a formal heel, you can truly find any type of shoe for any event all while picking up toilet paper and a bottle of wine . . . you know the necessities.  What I love the most if they have started to carry shoes in wide widths!  Target also started something new for their shoppers, Target Circle offers, which is similar to Carwheel with some added benefits.  I'm still learning about all of the benefits to this feature, but I do know you get 1% back on most purchases.  No, I'm not a Target Influencer, but if they asked I for sure wouldn't turn it down. So ending tomorrow they are offering 20% off clothing, shoes and accessories!  The best part is, you used to only be able to use Cartwheel offers through in store purchases and pick up purchases, but this new Target Circle offer includes online orders (don't worry I tested it.)  W

Loving Life Saving & Splurging-Black Leggings

One pair of leggings that has been tried and true for years now has been my Zella "Live In Leggings."  I've been wearing them for almost 10 years now.  No, not the same pair, this isn't Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  But the pairs I've owned and lived in have lasted several years.  I was excited to learn they also had a brand at Nordstrom Rack called Z by Zella.  So here is the comparison in this week's Saving & Spluring-Black Leggings. Save : Z by Zella High Waist Daily Legging I have always loved Zella leggings, so when I found out they had a brand at Nordstrom Rack I had to try them.  I bought a space dye pair (Space Dye Leggings: ) and really did like them.  From reviews I order a size up and I'm glad I did.  The material is on the thinner side and since the space dye pattern was black, grey and white I had to make sure I wore nude or white knickers, but they were light weight (which I enjoyed) and super comfort