Loving Life Saving & Splurging-Black Leggings

One pair of leggings that has been tried and true for years now has been my Zella "Live In Leggings."  I've been wearing them for almost 10 years now.  No, not the same pair, this isn't Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  But the pairs I've owned and lived in have lasted several years.  I was excited to learn they also had a brand at Nordstrom Rack called Z by Zella.  So here is the comparison in this week's Saving & Spluring-Black Leggings.

Z by Zella High Waist Daily Legging
I have always loved Zella leggings, so when I found out they had a brand at Nordstrom Rack I had to try them.  I bought a space dye pair (Space Dye Leggings: https://shopstyle.it/l/8Goa) and really did like them.  From reviews I order a size up and I'm glad I did.  The material is on the thinner side and since the space dye pattern was black, grey and white I had to make sure I wore nude or white knickers, but they were light weight (which I enjoyed) and super comfortable, especially for warmer months. I ordered a black pair of leggings that were a thinner material as well, but the darker color seemed to hide more. Overall I think it’s what you’re looking for. For around $25 these are a great option.

Zella Live In Leggings
I mean the name says it all.  I feel like Zella should just drop the mic right there.  I adore these leggings and for sure think the higher price is well deserved.  Well for one I can wear any color knickers and it doesn't matter, ha ha!  I especially love these during the fall and winter months since they are a thicker fabric.  I've used them as long underwear under snow pants as well.  From Athleisure wear to under dresses these leggings pay for themselves!


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