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Loving Life #ootd Jan 22-27

It feels good to be back and posting.  My hope is that my finds help other Lymphie Ladies out there find shoes and clothes that fit them and make them feel great!  I'm finally finding my working Mom life groove and finding a new flow of life.  That being said here are my past week's looks with links to all clothing (or similar items) linked for your convince. Boots  .  Boots 2 .   Boots 3  . Boots 4 Snow Pants . Coat . Similar Beanie .  Sunglasses Leggings . Leggings 2 . Black Leggings . Black Leggings 2 Shoes . Shoes 2 .  Tunic . Jean Jacket . Backpack Jeans . Boots . Shirt . Hat Jeans . Jeans 2 . Jeans 3 Shoes . Similar Top . Plus Similar Top .  Jean Jacket Jeans . Jeans 2 . Jeans 3 Shoes . Jean Jacket . Similar Top .  Sunglasses

Loving Life In Winter Boots

A last minute invite to play in the snow with our friends would usually put me in a panic, but since I found winter boots that fit Bertha , an invite like that was music to my ears.  Growing up before I developed lymphedema I lived at the mountains.  My grandparents build a cabin up there before I was born and almost every free weekend my family packed up for the short drive up the mountain.  In the summer we would camp, hike and go huckleberry picking.  While our winters were filled with sledding and skiing.  We found other adventures all of the months in between.  Growing up it was a second home.  Although the town has changed and it's always booming with people from everywhere,  I can still remember the simple days of walking to the town store to pick out a treat, hide and go seek where my brother would never seek me in the deep dark forest and hearing the babbling brook that ran through the property while laying in a hammock looking up at the canopy of fir trees. Now that I

Loving Life in Cozy Joggers

So now that I'm working I especially love coming home and shedding my work clothes and crawling into my cozies.  Ok lets be real, my "work clothes" are jeans and sneakers most of the time, but still work clothes none the less.  While shopping for my new favorite jeans (See previous post: Loving Life In New Jeans) I also found new cozy joggers.  It literally feels like I'm wearing nothing they are so soft.  And hell-o stretch!  They are not tight or restraining on Bertha . Who else has been that Mom who has done school drop off in less then appropriate clothing?  Praying the whole time there won't be a reason you need to get out of the car . . just my hand is raised?  Well if you're looking for a pair of home pants that you could still possibly pull off wearing to drop the kids at school or a quick trip to the store, look no further than these beauties. Until next time! xo-Allie Joggers . Sweater . Slippers

Loving Life With New Jeans

I think Marilyn Monroe got it wrong "jeggings are a girls best friend."  It seems like all of my jeans decided to give up on me at the same time.  For a while I was stuck with trying to figure out how to dress with only leggings as an option.  Thankfully those days are over! I finally decided to power through discouragement, disappointment and sweating of jeans shopping.  For some suggestions I found the perfect pair for Bertha at American Eagle .  After I got over the fact that it looked more like I was shopping for my daughter than myself, I grabbed a stack of jeans in various sizes and headed towards the fitting room.  The winner is . . . drum roll . . . the AE Ne(X)t Level Curvy Super High-Waisted Jegging.   It comes in so many different colors, sizes 00-24 and short, regular and long lengths.  I also love that they show how the jean fits on real women on their website.  I always hear AE and Aerie showed normal real bodies, but it was great to see so many women repre