Loving Life In Winter Boots

A last minute invite to play in the snow with our friends would usually put me in a panic, but since I found winter boots that fit Bertha, an invite like that was music to my ears.  Growing up before I developed lymphedema I lived at the mountains.  My grandparents build a cabin up there before I was born and almost every free weekend my family packed up for the short drive up the mountain.  In the summer we would camp, hike and go huckleberry picking.  While our winters were filled with sledding and skiing.  We found other adventures all of the months in between.  Growing up it was a second home.  Although the town has changed and it's always booming with people from everywhere,  I can still remember the simple days of walking to the town store to pick out a treat, hide and go seek where my brother would never seek me in the deep dark forest and hearing the babbling brook that ran through the property while laying in a hammock looking up at the canopy of fir trees.

Now that I have gone down memory lane, let's get back to the boots.  I first found these boots and posted about them in my Blog Post "These Boots Were Made For Walking."  Since then they have been my go to boot for anything rain or snow related.  I wanted to share a few links and a few places to find them.  I sized up and used my trusty machete aka: show horn to help get them on. 

My boot & original like
with a few sizes left: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcXYS

A more stylish look for
snow or running around: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcXW9

Boots on Sale!!: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcXXb

Another sale: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcXYY

North FaceSnow Pants.North Face Coat.Similar North Face Hat.Sunglasses
And Gloves are two different ones that I found in our coat closet. V on trend.


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