Loving Life #ootd Jan 22-27

It feels good to be back and posting.  My hope is that my finds help other Lymphie Ladies out there find shoes and clothes that fit them and make them feel great!  I'm finally finding my working Mom life groove and finding a new flow of life.  That being said here are my past week's looks with links to all clothing (or similar items) linked for your convince.

Boots . Boots 2 . Boots 3 . Boots 4
Snow Pants . Coat . Similar BeanieSunglasses

Leggings . Leggings 2 . Black Leggings . Black Leggings 2
Shoes . Shoes 2Tunic . Jean Jacket . Backpack

Jeans . Boots . Shirt . Hat

Jeans . Jeans 2 . Jeans 3
Shoes . Similar Top . Plus Similar TopJean Jacket

Jeans . Jeans 2 . Jeans 3
Shoes . Jean Jacket . Similar TopSunglasses


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