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Meet Matilda

As many of you know my lymphedema leg is Bertha and in the spirit of naming body parts I thought I would do the same with the newest member of my body, my port Matilda. My veins have not been holding up too well with treatment so my doctors and I decided it was time to get a port put in.  My veins were no longer dependable, so in naming my port I was looking for a name that meant dependable (I know I spent far too many minutes on this, I have a little bit of time during my insomnia nights.)  Strong in battle is the meaning, perfect! I knew it would be a smooth procedure when the nurses complimented me on my eyebrows and they started playing Adel in the OR.  It's a weird sensation being awake while they implant something in your body.  But, I get to tell my kids I'm part robot now, which gives me major cool points. With vacation and holidays I haven't been able to get out there and search for pants and shoes.  But, I have some Christmas money to burn so with the ne

My little black dress is not so little

I love the holidays.  With the holidays come the parties, so fun to have a reason to dress up in a cute cocktail dress . . . unless you spend most of your life trying to hide your lower half.  I have always dreaded this part of dressing up.  Sad to say in my younger years I even missed a special event, because of it.  All because I couldn't find a proper outfit that would shield the world from my large and in charge leg.  That was just it, Bertha was in charge and I didn't like it!! We host an annual Christmas party and two years ago I was done letting Bertha dictate my clothing choices, so I did the unthinkable (in my mind at least.)  I wore a short skirt!  It was not only short, but it was sequenced.  Why didn't I just get traffic control lights and wave people in to stare at my leg.  You know what happened . . nothing.  Nothing, but "I love your skirt!" and "you look great!" comments.  The next year I wore a LBD (little black dress.) Gasp! Sadly I

Swim suits and Thanksgiving. Part 2

Swim suit shopping in the Northwest during winter, it should of been a Fear Factor event.  Specialty shops will give you sticker shock and trying on bathing suits with your white pasty skin will for sure give a scare.  So I was only left with one decision, go by reviews on Amazon.  Where do I even begin?  After getting sucked into Pintrest for a few hours  I finally found a few suit style I thought I could pull off.  I searched Amazon and found two I thought might work.  I purchased them in 2 sizes each, thank you Prime shipping!! We were having Thanksgiving round 2 out of 3 at our house and they arrived!!  Hours online and the results were sitting right there in boxes, but even though they are family it's probably rude to try on swimsuits before dinner.  All I could hear in my head as we sat down to eat was "Fashion Show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"  That was for you The Office fans.  After everyone left I had the bright idea that after consuming my second th