Swim suits and Thanksgiving. Part 2

Swim suit shopping in the Northwest during winter, it should of been a Fear Factor event.  Specialty shops will give you sticker shock and trying on bathing suits with your white pasty skin will for sure give a scare.  So I was only left with one decision, go by reviews on Amazon.  Where do I even begin?  After getting sucked into Pintrest for a few hours  I finally found a few suit style I thought I could pull off.  I searched Amazon and found two I thought might work.  I purchased them in 2 sizes each, thank you Prime shipping!!

We were having Thanksgiving round 2 out of 3 at our house and they arrived!!  Hours online and the results were sitting right there in boxes, but even though they are family it's probably rude to try on swimsuits before dinner.  All I could hear in my head as we sat down to eat was "Fashion Show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"  That was for you The Office fans.  After everyone left I had the bright idea that after consuming my second thanksgiving dinner, wine and pie with ice cream I should try on a swim suit.  Yeah . . . I was the stuffed turkey.

Thankfully one out of four fit, I'll say that's a win for online shopping!  And free shipping returns!  I do try to also shop small businesses, but how did I live life before Amazon?  Now I just need to buy a full length mirror, get a spray tan and repeat daily affirmations to myself before my trip.  Oh and loose 20 pounds no big deal.  Sorry no swimsuit pic on this entry, trust me you should thank me!  XOXO-Allie


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