My little black dress is not so little

I love the holidays.  With the holidays come the parties, so fun to have a reason to dress up in a cute cocktail dress . . . unless you spend most of your life trying to hide your lower half.  I have always dreaded this part of dressing up.  Sad to say in my younger years I even missed a special event, because of it.  All because I couldn't find a proper outfit that would shield the world from my large and in charge leg.  That was just it, Bertha was in charge and I didn't like it!!

We host an annual Christmas party and two years ago I was done letting Bertha dictate my clothing choices, so I did the unthinkable (in my mind at least.)  I wore a short skirt!  It was not only short, but it was sequenced.  Why didn't I just get traffic control lights and wave people in to stare at my leg.  You know what happened . . nothing.  Nothing, but "I love your skirt!" and "you look great!" comments.  The next year I wore a LBD (little black dress.) Gasp! Sadly I was happy to wear them, but not enough to take full body pics. I'm a work in progress people!

So as the holidays come and you go out to try and hide that not so favorite part of your body with clothes, embrace it.  Buy something you never would.  Hold your head high.  And, as a back up plan bring the reddest lipstick you can find.  Worst case scenario you slap some of that on and people won't be staring at your body, but your lips!  XOXO-Allie

Me and my better half with my red lips to distract. December 2015


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