Helpful Resources and Websites for People Living with Lymphedema


LE&RN The Lymphatic Education & Research Network has a plethora of information for people living with Lymphedema and Lipedema.  From finding a Lymphedema Therapist near you, to resource information and the latest research about Lymphedema, their site has it all.  With a one time donation you can become a member which opens you up to many possibilities to be on the front line of awareness, advocacy and more.  If there is a Lymphedema Bible this site would be it.

Brylan's Feat Foundation.  is a non-profit that helps families who have children living with Lymphedema.  From financial support to helping with the necessary treatments children need.  This is a wonderful foundation, even if you don't have a child living with Lymphedema I encourage you to read their story, mission and vision.  I had the pleasure along with other women with Lymphedema to participate in a virtual fundraiser.  Seeing pictures, videos and hearing about the children they have been able to help was beautiful, I hope you can take a look.

Lymphedema Community is an online community with other people living with Lymphedema.  You can create a free account and have access to wonderful amenities such as their live chat groups, reading blogs from other members or you can create your own.  Post questions to people in the community and have the chance to share your experience with other member who ask questions.  I know living with Lymphedema can at times feel lonely and isolating, especially while we're in a pandemic.  This is a great way to connect with others in the comfort of your own home.

The Lymphedema Treatment Act is to give medical coverage for people living with Lymphedema for their medically necessary compression supplies.  It passed in the House of Representatives 12/12/2009 and now needs to be passed by the Senate.  This is where you can find more information on how you can help.  This page has information about the Bill, how you can and has additional Lymphedema resources.


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