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#OOTD September

So I've had questions about where I shop, not just for pants or shoes, so I thought I would pick up my outfit of the day post for my last few pictures I posted. Universal Threads by Target top .  It's on clearance now and when I bought it Cartwheel had an extra 20% off!  This is a summer top, but can for sure transfer into winter with a jacket or sweater over it. The jeans are GAP Mid-Rise Jeggings .  They are over 3 years old, but can still be found at GAP Factory.  I love them, because they come in Ankle, Regular and Tall sizes (I need tall.)  They have stood the test of time. My shoe is the Franco Sarto Simone Loafer, while it's no longer being sold there are similar styles at DSW like: Susie Loafe r,  Gracie Loafter ,  Scranton Flat  &  Germina Loafer .  **Head up I did size up two sizes for my loafer since the toe was very pointed. Old Black t-shirt that I love!  They don't carry it anymore, but my new black favorite tee is the Modal Jersey V-n

Loving Life In Another HUE

Well I have a new love . . . HUE !  My first find was on my quest for jeans that fit over Bertha .  I found it all in HUE, after my amazing experience with this brand I decided to try another fit, did I find my lobster?!  (Sorry re-watching FRIENDS.)  Pretty sure I did!  To have a brand I know will fit my lymphie leg is like a constant companion (cat, dog, spouse, friend . . ) even though everything else changes they're always there.  Do I sound too poetic for pants?  Well in previous years pants shopping usually ended with me a puddle on the floor and hating life, so finding things that fit are a big deal. I blogged about the HUE Ripped Jean Skimmer Legging in Loving The HUE of Spring .  But before that I found another HUE pant, but of course right before I went to blog about it the jegging sold out, which is a good sign, right?  Well recently while searching for jeans I again found them in stock and in all sizes at Nordstrom Rack , it's the HUE Moto Legging .  The style I

Fall-ing in love with Booties

Fall.  Most of my girlfriend's live for this season.  Cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything and of course cute boots.  Fall for this lymphie means living in Uggs and as my hubs says they are Uggly.  Totally a Dad joke and while I disagree with him, it's true Uggs don't exactly give you that stylish put together look.  (See my previous post "The Uggly Duckling" about my favorite and fitting style of Uggs.)  So for years I have been on the hunt for cute fall boots.  I have been almost willing to sell my dog for the perfect pair . . . almost. My favorite clothing brand is Free People, they have these adorable booties that would go with everything the  Royale Pointy Toe Flat  (link added for non-lymphies.)  Sadly they don't come in wide sizes.  Da da da daaaaa!!  Here comes Target to the rescue!  They designed a similar boot that comes in regular and wide sizes.  The  Wenda Cut Out Booties by Universal Threads !!  This bootie currently comes in three beautiful

Oh Kale!

This past year has been a whirlwind.  My husband and I spent 10 week over the past year living in the hospital while I went through part of a clinical trial and IL2 treatments.   Through it all we tried to stay on top of our eating, but when you feel nauseated sometimes you just have to eat those mashed potatoes.  Well I am happy to say I am done with my address being the Cancer Center's. We eat NSNG (no sugar no grain) for the most past I should say. Basically it's a high fat diet, focusing on a lot of veggies! Yes, I have read the reports about these types of eating plans, but I'm on borrowed time already so I'm not too worried.  Sorry that dark humor escapes me most days.  My hubs can just program his mind to do something and boom he's in the zone and of course looses 5lbs to my 1lb All. The. Time.  But, it's more about being healthy.  I thought along with my clothes and shoe finds I would sprinkle in a little bit of our life in the mix. This recipe is a

Moto is my Motto

I love the moto style and had many failed attempts with other moto jeggings.  I bought these moto leggings in both colors on clearance last December and was so disappointed when I went to write a blog post about them they were SOLD OUT!  I reference them in my blog post " Hello Moto ."  After I saw they were sold out I contacted Nordstrom to see if they would be coming back into stock?  Sadly they were not.  I may of shed a few tears and binge ate Christmas cookies . . . which you can do with these leggings, because they stretch with you.  Lymphie leg . . . or tummy. The BP Washed Moto Legging is a staple for my fall and winter wardrobe.  I was excited to see that they come in plus size this year too!  Every time I have worn them my friends can't believe they're not jeans and I am obsessed with the moto detail which makes them stand apart from just an average legging and of course fitting over Bertha makes me want to sing!  Like I said they were my go to this past