Loving Life In Another HUE

Well I have a new love . . . HUE!  My first find was on my quest for jeans that fit over Bertha.  I found it all in HUE, after my amazing experience with this brand I decided to try another fit, did I find my lobster?!  (Sorry re-watching FRIENDS.)  Pretty sure I did!  To have a brand I know will fit my lymphie leg is like a constant companion (cat, dog, spouse, friend . . ) even though everything else changes they're always there.  Do I sound too poetic for pants?  Well in previous years pants shopping usually ended with me a puddle on the floor and hating life, so finding things that fit are a big deal.

I blogged about the HUE Ripped Jean Skimmer Legging in Loving The HUE of Spring.  But before that I found another HUE pant, but of course right before I went to blog about it the jegging sold out, which is a good sign, right?  Well recently while searching for jeans I again found them in stock and in all sizes at Nordstrom Rack, it's the HUE Moto Legging.  The style I have is a skimmer, but I would much rather have a full jean like they currently offer, they can work all year round.  Guess I'm on a moto kick, I just love them! Even though they are leggings/jeggings the moto detailing makes them look a little more like a regular pant or jean than a stretch pant.  Don't get me wrong I live for yoga pants, but let's be honest the only yoga I do is Child's Pose to play with my babes, Downwards Dog to search for toys that slipped under the couch and a Garland Pose to tie little shoelaces.

With other HUE leggings I would suggest sizing down, because they do stretch a bit, but I feel like these are pretty true to size and keep their shape.  I've had them for about a year and they have held up pretty well.  They come in a medium wash and black, I feel like that's all I need a good blue jean, a  black jean or pant and yoga pants, it's the trifecta!  xoxo-Allie

Enjoying this warm intro to Autumn.


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