Loving the HUE of spring

My goal in life besides being a good mom, wife, friend and human is to find stretchy pants (said in a Nacho Libre voice.)  If you have a lymphie leg or not, these pants, jeggings, leggings whatever you want to call them are a God send to my spring and summer wardrobe.

It's the HUE Ripped Denim Skimmer.  This pant come in three different colors, the one I am wearing in the picture below is the Midnight Rinse.  Side note I always check retailmenot.com to find coupon codes.  I found a 20% off code for these.  

So I am usually a Large to X-Large in clothing.  To be safe that this pair of pants fit Bertha I tried the XL.  While they fit my leg, they do seem a bit loose in my hips & booty, but I won't complain about that problem, ha ha.  Of course I wore them with my nude compression garment so through the rips it looked a little more natural.  My husband jokes that, because I wore my nude stocking I camouflaged my lymphie leg, ha ha.  We have dark humor, especially about my lymphedema and cancer, you either laugh or cry . . we chose to laugh these things off . . . and sometimes cry, lets be real.  Back to pants, I love them so much I am tempted to buy them in white as well for summer.  But really with two kids I rarely tempt fate with even a white t-shirt.

My lymphedema leg (aka Bertha) used to be similar to my non lymphie leg, but after having a surgery that had to remove lymph nodes from behind my knee she ballooned up to the glorious size she is now.  After decongestant therapy, wrapping for months, MLD and my Flexitouch all of my therapist have dubbed her stubborn and I have only been able to reduce her size by a few centimeters.  So I try to maintain and keep her healthy as best I can.  I am hoping when I am in remission from my cancer I can look into being a candidate for surgery.

Until then stretchy pants and wide shoes have become my new best friends.  I hope my finds help women out there see that despite their chronic condition of lymphedema we can still look and feel good about ourselves.  I know self confidence is deeper than clothing, but I know for myself going to my closet and having clothing that fits me and that I love sure makes everyday living with lymphedema more bearable.  It may seem silly to spend time researching, reading reviews and trying on clothes.  But, there were days when I could only wear stretch pants.  My husband would find me crying on our closet floor, because nothing fit my leg.  I missed an important event, because I felt like I had nothing to wear.  Again, I know self confidence can only truly come from with in, but you have to admit when you feel good in what you put on it gives you an extra kick in your step.

That's my hope, that I can help give women that extra pep in their step, also that there can be one less thing to worry or think about in the day.  We can spend that time getting ourselves healthy and taking time for the self care we all need.  Thank you for reading my blog, I always love to hear from you and would also love to hear what clothing items you struggle finding the most?  I'm always up for a challenge!  

Lots of love, Allie

Peace love and stretchy pants!


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