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Pants shopping for can be such an emotional experience for any woman.  Add a huge leg and times the difficulty by 100 . . . more like 1,000!  Ok maybe that's a tad dramatic but, it's difficult when you have a shopping day where nothing you try on fits, especially when you are needing new pants.  That's when my emotional eating habits set in.  So ironic "nothing fits me, I'm going to Cinnabon to eat my feelings, that should help my problem, right!?"  This is why I only shop on a full stomache.  Or I shop if I want a good work out.  With the streching, jumping and lunging I have to do to get some pants on, there is a good chance I'm loosing a few pound as I sweat it out in the dressing room.

Alas my mall days are mostly over.  I have almost become an expert on how much spandex percentage is needed to fit over Bertha, so I have started to shop online.  I found these amazing moto leggings that were on sale.  I purchased them in November, but postponed trying them on for fear I would be disappointed.  I finally tried them on around Christmas time and they fit perfectly!  They streched over Betrtha like buttah (and my Christmas cookie tummy too)  I wore them almost daily.  When I find an item like that I know to go ahead and purchase at least one more in each color.  I went online and saw the saddest sight, SOLD OUT!  I contacted the store to see if they would be reordering . . . to my dismay they were discontinuing the style.  My heart sank-then I got to work.

I found a similar legging in style and color.  Again they were delivered and sat in my closet still in the box.  Does anyone else do that?  It's my way self preservation until I am emotionally ready to try on a pair of pants that may or may not fit.

I finally tried them on. They are the Women's High Waist Moto Leggings by Mossino Supplu Co. at Target and I'm in love!  For $14.99 you can't lose adding this item to your wardrobe.  They are stretchy enough to fit over my lymphie leg and look like a jean, everytime I revealed they were a stretch pant my friends jaws dropped.  Anytime I would wear them I have "Dirty Little Secret" by All American Rejects in my head.  Well now the secret is out, these are fabulous jeggings for lymphies and non lymphies alike!  XOXO-Allie

Who knew you could buy happieness for $14.99?!


  1. Found your blog through the Lympathic Research and Education Network and so glad I did! I love your super stylish recommendations! As a fellow lymphie and fashion blogger, I am always on the lookout for new pants that will fit. Stay styling! :)

    1. Thank you Patricia! I would love to read your blog as well, what is your site address?


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