From brown to gray in a day

Growing up I was a toe head, I had bleach blonde hair which morphed into dirty blonde.  I had a horrific stage around 7th grade when I discovered Sun In.  Thankfully by high school I understood my hair a bit better and started to highlight it to try and savor the last of my blonde.  After I got married and realized the luxury of blonde hair was super expensive.  I came to the conclusion after years of highlights I was actually no longer blonde, but brunette.  I was excited for the change, my Mom did not take the news as well.  I dyed my hair brown around 2008 . . . still when we are in a store together my Mom will look right past me as I am frantically jumping and waiving at her, because "she is looking for a blonde."

I have been all variations of brown.  After I turned 30 I noticed some grey's sneaking in, but nothing that a quarterly (more like yearly to bi yearly after the babes were born) trip to the hair salon couldn't cover.  I also can't remember the last time I cut my hair that was more than a trip.  I prided myself on my brown "mermaid hair"  which was a security blanket of sorts.  Even when I was in stretch pants, if I had my flowing long locks done I felt a little more put together.

December of 2015 I found out my cancer had returned after almost 10 years of being in remission.  January I had them removed and in March I was told I had two more tumors that were inoperable.  So in April 2016 I started treatment.  There is a long list of side effects, but when you're facing cancer they don't seem very important.  

My treatment is an immunotherapy, which can also cause auto-immune disorders, such as vitiligo.  Vitiligo takes the pigment away from skin and hair.  I noticed my grey hair was a little more prominent, but chalked it up to age & stress (I do have small children . . .and cancer.)  We had a huge snow storm the kept us homebound, we were socked away and I was make up free for the whole week.

One night while playing a game (I forget how the conversation started) my husband said "well you know, because you're eyebrows are white.  "What?!  "Give me your phone!" I demanded, I was looking for a camera phone to see the proof.  A shocked look came over my hubby's face " . . . no."  He replied.  I ran to a mirror and there they were white eyebrows and eyelashes.  Tears.  How could I miss this?  Was I mentally blocking the reality out.  Now I know if the long scheme of things and compared to cancer white hair and lashes are not the end of the world.  And as I am typing this seems pretty vain.  And as one of my girlfriends said "at least you are amazing at filling in your eyebrows."  I am blessed to have those around me show me the bright side of a situation.  I accredit them to keeping me sane and a whole lot of Jesus.

Every time I open up Snapchat with no make up I can't help but laugh.  The first things that comes to my mind is "I look like Santa Clause."  And again in the long scheme of life there are far worse fates, than Snapchat not recognizing your eyebrows on filters.  So the end of my story is I made another appointment to my wonderful hair dresser.  After a 3 hour long appointment she was able to work miracles and I walked out a new woman.  Still with white eyebrows covered with makeup, but another day living with cancer, having side effects, but at least I can mark one off my list.  I am so thankful for hair dye, make up, my husband who always makes me feel like the most beautiful woman he's seen and my family and friends who hold my hand, love and laugh with me along this crazy journey.  XOXO-Allie

New hair and new perspective!!
My white eye brows & lashes

With half of my make up on I feel like Two Face from Batman.
This is before my hair dresser worked her magic.


  1. Thanks for sharing from your are amazing and love your humor!! Will be praying for you💟

  2. That's funny that you named your leg. I was just diagnosed with Lymphedema in both legs and feet and upper body. I went through physical therapy and couldn't believe what a difference it makes. After one treatment I felt a huge difference. She just lightly massaged my shoulder, underarm, abdomen and thighs. I felt a lot of the weight and stiffness gone. Have you tried physical therapy? I also received a pair of BioPants which more or less gives me a massage with air compression and besides the stockings helps keep my legs and feet at normal size. I don't know how much they cost as I got them through the Veteran's Administration. I don't know how I got the disease but I do have several auto-immune diseases. I hope something or someone can help you.

    1. Hi Alyce! So sorry I'm just now seeing your comment. Yes, I have done physical therapy. I have a Flexitouch machine that sounds similar to what you have. I'll have to look into BioPants. I usually do manual lymph drainage, but I'm sure I'm due for another bandaging session. I hope you are well and happy you are getting the things to need to help treat your lymphedema. Thank you for the info and checking out my blog. ~Allie


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