These jeans are my spirit clothing

I love this skinny jean, mostly because I feel like the brand represents me: 'Wit and Wisdom.'  Also, I know they will always have the basic jean and black jean.  This past summer they came out with a boyfriend jean with trendy holes and they actually fit!  Sure, Bertha ripped the holes a bit bigger, but it was so awesome to wear a jean that was trendy.  This is where I do a hair flip, sip my Starbucks and take a selfie.  But, seriously I've come to terms that most trendy styles don't fit. So, when one does I get pretty excited! Wit & Wisdom jeans have a ton of stretch and they seem to come up a little higher on the waist (which I prefer.) No one wants to see my underwear or mom tummy.  These jeans fit pretty true to size.  I wash most all of my clothing items cold and hang dry them so they don't shrink and keep their luster, these jeans included!  I have also seen them at Nordstrom Rack as well.  The greatest reason to buy these jeans? They come in regular, petite and plus sizes!  If you had your own brand what would it be called?  XOXO-Allie

Please don't mind the embarrassed look on my face and bad lighting, as my girlfriends tried to capture a shot with a flash at night.  What we we thinking?  I've added a picture of the jeans from the website as well, mine have been very loved.  The knees are pretty worn from a slip I had in the middle of the street . . in front of a restaurant . . that had outdoor seating . . during brunch.  Needles to say I was super embarrassed then as well.  My only consolation was everyone who saw me would have a funny story to tell their friends.  (Thank you to Sarah & Krissy for my awesome photo shoot.)


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