Is it just me or does everyone break a sweat while clothes shopping? Part 1

This year is my 10 year wedding anniversary with, as you know him "my ever so loving and practical husband."  We wanted to go somewhere warm, so he booked it and now I am left realizing I need to be seen in bathing suits, shorts and dresses.  Figuring out what I will be wearing is my equivalent to running a marathon.  I should lose at least 5 pounds in my clothing search, right?!  But then I realize the ice cream I will be inhaling after a bum day of shopping may cancel it out.

Shop 1:
We had a random day date and I found myself at the doorstep of one of my favorite brands Free People.  I perused the front of the store eyeing items, placing them against my body like I was seriously thinking about purchasing it.  Who was I kidding it was all for show, as I meandered to the back of the store I had to act almost surprised.  "Oh!  A sale section, isn't this quaint."  Yeah right that is the only reason I even dared going into this store, they always have a huge sale section.  Ok: two shirts, a jacket I would never wear, but hubby insist I try on, a tunic and a long flowy pink champagne dress I'm not even going to try on, but want to stare at while I try on other practical clothes.  I walked away with a sale tunic top and a sweaty hairline. Boom! That trip was at least half a pound.

I wish I could say I have been several other places, sadly it has only been online shopping.  Stay tuned, I know you're on the edge of your seat.  "Will she find sandals that aren't flip flops?  The perfect shorts or dun dun dunnnnn a bathing suit?!"  XOXO-Allie

This lovely look on my face is "oh no, I have to go buy this top and you can tell I've been sweating."


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