Sliding Into The Last Week Of Summer

Target.  Need I say more.  I think we all try to play the game "let's see if I can leave Target with only the items on my list."  I also think it's safe to say we all lose Every. Single. Time.  Well that was the case when I found these sandals.  Sunscreen, check . . toilet paper, check . . . kids breakfast bars, check.  Then I made my fatal mistake of walking past the shoe aisle.  My husband loves how I justify my frivolous Target spending.  "Babe, I returned that t-shirt I bought my last Target trip, then all women's shoes were 25% off, I had a five dollar Target gift card, plus sandals were on Cartwheel and with my Target debit card I got another 5% off, sooooooo basically they were free!"

I love the slip on sandal trend going on, but hate that there are few sandals that slip past my toes on Bertha.  The dv Annalyse Woven Slide is not only a beautiful inexpensive sandal, but also has velcro, HELLO!  Game changer!  I simply adjust the one for my lymphie foot and I'm good to go.  I can dress them up or down which I love and is pretty much a must with most items I buy now.  So as the summer ends you can still hold on to it with this fabulous sandals.  From a black maxi dress to wearing them with jeans, you can't go wrong!  Check them out on your next Target trip . . . and a new face mask . . . and a bottle of rose . . . oooh never too early for a fall candle.)  Good luck with playing "only buying what's on my list."


Love these, unique pattern, but still go with everything!

I really need help with my poses! 


  1. searched Target for these sandals...they are no where to be found...How long ago did you purchase them?

    1. I'm so sorry, it was just a few weeks ago, but I saw them in my store still the other day.


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