Loving Life in Brittin Shoes from Target

 Therapist: what do we do when we feel sad?

Me: go to Target.

Therapist: No.

Convince me I'm wrong!  The past couple of months have been a roller coaster for my family.  When we're on the other side of things I'll write a post about it all.  I joke that a trip to Target heals all, but am I really wrong about that?  

One thing I have always done when going into treatment has been putting myself together.  It started by not wanting my kids to know how yucky I was feeling when I had my recurrence five years ago.  I always made a point to get dressed and put on a little makeup.  I realized that putting myself together also helped my mental state.  Last week I started a clinical trial for mt most recent recurrence of my melanoma.  I don't get all dolled up, but like I said being cute and comfy helps my mental state.  I started with my shoe find and the fun leopard print purse my kids gave to me for Christmas.

The Universal Threads Brittin Sneaker doesn't come in wide widths, but they fit Bertha and I love a leopard print.  Before Lymphedema I wore a size 10 shoes, since Lymphedema I have sized up to a size 11 or an 11 wide.  With this shoe I tried a size 11 and 12.  The size 11 fits. but I decided to keep both, so if Bertha has an angry day and swells more I can wear the size 12 and can be comfortable.  This style comes in three different colors, including the leopard print I'm wearing below!  IF you're looking for a comfy shoe to fit your Lymphie limb and wear into Spring I highly reccomend this style, I also love it has a Madewell shoe vibe as well, but for a lot less!  The way Bertha is rough on shoes, I find that Target of a high end brand I wear my shoes out quickly, so most of the time I choose to buy a Target shoe. 

Surprise surprise most of the other items I'm wearing come from Target, you can shop the links below.  When you shop from my links or Shop Style I do get a small commission.  I use this to try out pant and shoe finds, so I can share what works for me and my Lymphedema and hopefully help others out there.  Thank you for your support! xo-Allie

Shoes: https://shopstyle.it/l/bqYTP


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