Spring has sprung

And so has my heart for these shoes!  Hallelujah!  Is what I actually said when I tried the Reese shoe by Mossimo Co.  I have been looking for a spring sneaker to wear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  I also need size 11 most of the time, which can be difficult to find to try on in stores.  Before my past surgery and before my lymphie leg got out of control, I was still able to wear my normal size 10 shoes.  However after the surgery when my leg ballooned up, I needed to go up a size or two and it seems to give Bertha enough room compression stocking and all.  This is my first time ordering wide shoes from Target, so I ordered an 11 and 12 wide, just to be on the safe side.  I always try on the larger size first, whether it's a shirt, pants or shoes.  I hate trying something om that "should be my size" only to realize, nope girl you have got to go bigger!

I tried on the 12's and they were too big!  I don't know if this has ever happened when trying on shoes for my lymphie foot.  Even when I tried on the 11 wide, I feel like I could almost go down to a size 10 wide?!  I'm not going to push my luck, plus they will be fabulous shoes to have if Bertha ever gets angry and balloons up.  This shoes has great extendable tabs on either side that give my foot more than enough room.  The wide pairs come in grey, black and white.  I ordered the grey which look super dark in the first picture of them online, but are actually more or a taupe as you can see in my pictures below.  When I first wore them my friend thought I had sprung for the Steve Madden ones, nope saved a few and went with Target, I am so glad I did!  Check them out, before they sell out!  XO-Allie

The grey color, it looks like a deep taupe to me.
This was taken a few days after I came home from the hospital having
my cancer treatment where I gain 10-20 pounds of fluid.  They still fit!! 

Spring has sprung!


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