Vans Are My New Love Language

I have a pretty casual life.  I'm a stay at home Mom, wife and professional cancer patient.  I live in the PNW where you can pretty much get away wearing anything anywhere.  The home of Portlandia.  When I watch that show it feels more like a documentary.  So maybe the next phrase won't make sense,  but I was on the hunt for fancy sneakers.  I don't even know really what to call them, tennis shoes, kicks?  Basically I live in Nikes, but was looking for a "dress up tennis shoe."

I usually go up a size to accommodate Bertha.  But, after my compression stocking I am looking for shoes that for sure can either stretch or come in a wide.  I'm at the age where I am about to fall into a different age category as well.  The first age category to go was the 18-24, now I'm hanging on for dear life in the 25-34 category, but in my mind I am still 21.  I will forever be 21, however my body keeps telling me otherwise.

So long story short, my mentally 21 year old self bought some Vans a while back.  Do I own a skateboard?  No.  Do I even know how to skateboard?  No.  Do I think I know how to?  Of course!  I'm that person watching the Olympics saying "well yeah if I really tried I could totally speed skate."

My husband has always worn Vans and loves them, so I tried the Old Skool style and also fell in love.  They are surprisingly comfortable and go with everything it seems.  Jeans, a short dress, stretch pants, you name it I can rock it wearing Vans.  In the same week both of my kids had major growth spurts and needed new shoes.  We're that family that has matching Christmas PJ's, so I thought why not have matching shoes?

If you're looking for a "dressy sneaker" I highly suggest you check these kicks out!  They are comfortable and can even hold up to my lymphie foot's high maintenance needs.

Lots of love, Allie

My family rocking our Vans.  Don't you love my dog hair pants?!  Live with a Golden!

Here is the beautiful Golden.  


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