Booties, for me? You shouldn't have.

I have wanted to start this blog for a while now.  So here it is, I am hoping to update it frequently.  I have been living in sport clothes for several years and want to venture out and wear normal clothes and shoes.  I will for sure share my sport clothes finds, it still is my primary clothing choice.  Usually fall is a girl's favorite season.  Sweaters, scarves, pumpkin spice everything and . . . boots.  Not a lymphie's best friend.  Summer was so easy, I have my Birkenstocks that I live in and flip flops.  Sure my foot looks like a blimp, but there is so much room to breath!!  Boots and shoes my arch nemesis aside from jeans which are close runner up.  Last year I found some awesome booties.  The Minnetonka Women's Chukka Wedge Boot.  I know I always get nervous when I hear "wedge," but it's not too tall and as long as I don't wear them everyday all day I'm good.  Of course I bought both colors.  I've been able to still find them on a few places online, they are true to size.  I would post a picture of me in them, but I rarely take pictures with my legs and feet in them and my toddlers are not yet camera savvy.

Booties 1,Booties 2,Booties 3 (links are for the flat version of this bootie.)
I found them for sale a few places online, in smaller sizes, but I know they are still out there.  While searching to make sure they were still available I found the same boot, but no wedge!  So I will order and give an update.  I'm crossing my fingers they fit the same or even better.  XOXO-Allie


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