Jeans for Bertha

Thank goodness skinny jeans are in style.  It sure beats the boot cut phase when one of my legs sported the traditional boot cut and Bertha . . she tried her best.  My calf is the most disproportionate part of my leg so finding pants and jeans that will fit past it usually ends in me sweating, occasional cursing and tears.  My new find is from GAP.  They are called 'HIGH STRETCH 1969 true skinny.'  They come in Short, Regular and Long lengths so you are sure to find your perfect fit.  GAP also has the 'STRETCH 1969 true skinny' which I also own and find to have enough stretch, even for Big Bertha.  I own 3 colors, they hold up really well.  I am moving a lot with my little ones and have been pleasantly surprised how the knees haven't worn like other jeans have.  And the inner thigh fabric has not worn through double win!!  I honestly feel like I'm wearing stretch pants, but look a little more put together.  I wash them in cold and hang dry them.  Here is a picture of a model sporting at 27" waist and then me in a 32", I know it's difficult to tell us apart. The black pair I am wearing I've had for over 2 years!  XOXO-Allie


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