Loving Life in Wide Width Booties

 Hello Autumn my old friend, I've come bootless once again.  Every year when Fall arrives my social media is flooded with girls sporting wide brim felt hats, sweaters, t-shits stating "it's fall y'all!" and of course fall boots.  Two years ago I did find a bootie that fit Bertha . . . and I bought it in 3 colors. But I have had a lot of messages from women looking for Fall Boots that will fit their Lymphedema legs, so I went on the hunt.  As I was searching I discovered to my surprise there are a lot more options out there.  So many that I've decided to split my Blog Posts into three parts: Ankle Booties, Tall Boots and Outdoor Boots & Slippers.

I'm always wary of boots with zippers.  Even if they have stretch, if they have a zipper pretty much every boot I've tried on hasn't worked.  Think about that pair of jeans you try to get on, the grunting, sweating and pulling-boots with zippers are those jeans' counterpart to me. So heads up there are many wide width bootie options out there with zippers, but you won't find any listed here, along with straps and buckles.

Target Wide Width Booties

Marrying my husband, having my two kids, finding out my cancer was in remission and finding out Target had wide width shoes-these are the happiest days of my life . . . so far.  I have purchased wide widths in 11's and 12's in most Target brands, so I have a pretty good idea on how each fits.  Below are what I think are the best options for women with Lymphedema and Lipedema.

This is the bootie I have in 3 colors.  I wear an 11 wide and it fits great.  If you only have swelling in one for your legs/foot at the end of this post I have some options on how to help one size fit both feet.

Wenda Faux Leather Wide Width Cut Out Bootie 

Wenda Faux Leather Wide Width Cut Out Bootie  (more colors)

I haven't tried the specific boot, however they seems to have good reviews and come in four different colors.  If you do decide to purchase any of the boots I've listed, I would love to see how they worked for you, so I can better inform people.

Nora Cut Out Ankle Bootie 

This bootie is on my wish list.  It has great reviews! And a similar style to the next bootie, but about half the price!

Rylie Wide Width Pointed Toe Ankle Boot 

Naturalizer Wide Width Booties

Before Bertha was larger than life I have a pair of Naturalizer knee high boots.  I forget they have wide widths.  When searching I found the Carlyn Low Slip-On Boot (brown) Carlyn Low Slip-On Boot (black) They are on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack.  

Another Naturalizer bootie I found is the Belinda Pointed Toe Bootie that comes in 4 colors, including a fun snake print!  I admire snake prints and know they are on trend, but I just can't do it.  I think anytime they would catch my eye by surprise at home I would either scream or take a baseball bat to them. 

Torrid Wide Width Booties

Although I've never purchased a shoe from Torrid, I have heard good things about their shoes.  My suggestion is to always read the reviews before you purchase and double check their return policy, especially now during the Pandemic.  Below are two booties that caught my eye and seemed to have some good reviews.

Black Faux Suede Chelsea Bootie

Taupe Faux Suede Chelsea Bootie

Lane Bryant Booties

Last, but not least Lane Bryant.  I purchased a pair of sneakers from LB earlier this year- I love them and  they are super comfortable.  I did realize that I could of gone down a size (to a 10) so I would read reviews and if in doubt buy 2 sizes and return one.  Not ideal, but then you should have a good idea what size you are in their shoes moving forward.

They have boots this season called "Dream Cloud" if they are anything like their name it seems like they have discovered a way to make shoes from clouds which sounds heavenly-sorry bad pun.  Some have a heel, but it's a block heel, so hopefully it would add to comfort and support.  Another great fact about these booties there are some great basic colors to some fun and funky designs.

Dream Cloud Zebra Print Bootie

Dream Cloud Snakeskin Print Bootie

Dream Cloud Studded

Dream Cloud Faux Suede Studded Bootie

Dream Cloud Chelsea Bootie with Animal Stripe

Shoe Accessories 

Now if you are like me and only have one limb affected, sometimes buying wide widths can have your non lymphie limb swimming in their boot.  Here are some great and simple solutions on how to have maximum comfort without buying two separate pairs of shoes to fit your different sized feet.

Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz (buttercup)

Foot Petals Heavenly Heelz (charcoal)

Foot Petals Multi Pack Bundle

My hope is this post will reach women out there who feel tired and defeated trying to find the right bootie.  I'll be working on a post for Tall Boots and another that will feature outdoor boots and slippers, stay tuned!!  If you have any boots that have worked for you, please let me know, I would love to pass along the information.   Thank you for reading!



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