Loving Life Saving And Splurging-Camo Leggings

There really is no way to camouflage Bertha, but camo leggings sure make her look good!  Last year I discovered Target had a pair, I bought them and they instantly became a favorite of mine.  I would wear them with a sweatshirt and sneakers and also a black tunic and booties.  Pretty much if I can get away with wearing leggings I WILL!

Save: Wild Fable Faux Leather Leggings-Olive,Green,Gray,Black/Gray &
Plus Sizes-Gray,Black
These are a soft and stretchy cotton that hold up and don't stretch out where you don't want them to.  For an inexpensive leggings these are wonderful, my pair help up for over a year.  The only reason I had to say goodbye was because Bertha wore a hole on the inside seam that couldn't be repaired.  I for sure thought I got my money's worth and am hoping to purchase a new pair . . . my only decision-what color?

SplurgeSPANX Look At Me Now Seamless Leggings (Regular & Plus Sizes)
I don't this specific pair, but I love all SPANX!  They fit Bertha, wear well and last!  Plus you have the added bonus of a control top and smoothing out all of your wobbly bits!  If these ever go on sale I'll be a happy camper!


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