Loving Life Saving And Splurging-Slip On Sneakers

Hello! I'm starting a new Blog Post I am hoping to post weekly to biweekly . . . ok maybe monthly, we'll see how it goes.  It's going to feature 2 items that are similar one is a "save" and the other is a "splurge." I love a good deal, but I also know that sometimes it pays in the long run to invest in a quality shoe or piece of clothing, especially if you're going to wear it over and over. My wardrobe is pretty 50/50 of save and splurge items.  White t-shirts, although I may wear and wash them a lot, I also know that don't stay white long and go for my $5 find on most t-shirts.  Jeans and shoes though I might spend more one. 1. It can be difficult to find jeans and shoes for Bertha, so when I do, I don't mind spending a little more. 2. Bertha can be rough on my pants and shoes, so quality can be key.

Just in the past few years I've noticed there have been more fashionable options for wide width shoes.  If you follow me, you know I'm a Target girl. Not only because I can shop for my kids, home, make up and food all in the same place.  But, because they started selling wide widths shoes.  Right now they are only available online, but so far I have only had to return one pair that didn't work (not because it didn't fit, it rubbed my ankle.) This week's find is the first wide width shoe I purchased from Target, I was pleasantly surprised and have only loved what they're putting out since then.

Save: A New Day Reese Quilted Sneaker (Regular & Wide Sizes)
For the longest time I could never find a basic slip on sneaker.  It was either a dressy flat shoe or tennis shoe.  I was thrilled when I found these slip ons sneakers.  It made my spring wardrobe come alive and helped me have the cuteness (is that a word?) and comfort.  I was surprised how well the wide fit my lymphie foot, I almost thought about sizing down from an 11 wide to a 10 wide.  They also come in an array of colors for every season!  I recently bought my second pair of them I loved them so much!
Splurge: Naturalizer Marrianne Sneaker (Regular & Wide Sizes)
Heads up, I haven't actually tried them on.  That's the difficult part about needing an 11 wide, most store don't have that size in stock.  However having worn this brand in wide before I feel like this shoe would work great!  I linked Nordstrom as the retailer since they have a great return policy as well.  Another bonus with shopping at Nordstrom for shoes, from my experience they will sell you two different sizes as a pair (if you need a full shoe size different.)


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